Bringing Back The Cul-De-Sac

Cul De Sac Living……

Often over looked when shopping for real estate, is the inherent benefit to living on a cul de sac and/or street similar to a cul de sac.

I know for my wife and I, we took this detail into consideration when buying our current home.   We both grew up on streets similar to cul de sac’s that enabled us the ability to ride our bikes and skateboards in the street without fear of speeding cars.  We have to thank our parents for that foresight.

El Segundo has a few cul de sac’s but even more streets very similar to cul de sacs.  I often tell my buyer clients to count the number of houses past the house we are looking at and multiply by 2.  “Thats how many cars will likely drive past your house twice a day.”

Imagine for a moment, sitting on your front porch after a day in the office watching your children playing out in front of your home.  Learning to ride their bike up and down the block, throwing a football further than 10 yards in a back yard, practicing their roller hockey….   The list goes on and on.  You get the point, living on a quiet traffic street is a huge plus.

With the average lot size in El Segundo hovering around 6,200 square feet the street and parks are where the children turn to play.  I know personally the street I grew up on was my brother and my; football field, soccer field, hockey rink, baseball stadium, and race track.

We say a house becomes a home when memories are made in it.  Next time you’re looking through listings online and considering where you want to start “making memories” account for the hidden gems cul de sac homes truly are.  The benefits definitely out weigh any possible negatives that come with being near the end of the road….

We have two listings on the 1200 Block of East Acacia. This cul-de-sac is a fantastic block to raise your kids, make memories and live a safe, care free life! Follow the below links to check out our current cul-de-sac listings.

1211 E Acacia Ave, El Segundo CA


1224 E Acacia Ave, El Segundo CA