A Home For The Holidays


It’s hard to put your finger on what makes the holidays so magical. It’s the sights, the smells, the sounds, all of the above really. But to the  residents of El Segundo, the magic of Christmas is found in one place… Candy Cane Lane.

For over 40 years the 1200 block of East Acacia has lit up our lives during the holiday season. It’s a historical event that brings joy to the community around us. Who doesn’t love the holidays? So we asked the residents on Candy Cane Lane to share their own stories about why it is such a special place to live.

“There is nothing like it, when you see the kids little faces looking at all the lights. People are so grateful and appreciative of the work that goes into it.”

“Every night we walk up and down the block with our kids. We meet great people, see the most incredible displays of sparkle, and we get to hang with Santa. We are so lucky to live here.”

“Candy Cane Lane brings hope. It’s a place where all walks of life are welcome. A place where the residents give without expectation and a place where we can all come together and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.”

“Over the past 30 years we have raised thousands of dollars for people in need. Children’s hospital, natural disasters, cancer, and the homeless. You name it. It’s our favorite part of what we do. It gives the community and the event a purpose”.

“Candy Cane Lane is the root of community. We are neighbors. We help each other, we look out for each other and we love what we do. Yes, putting up the lights takes some time, but the rewards far out weigh the act and when you see the joy that your work has brought to these kids and their families it’s something you never forget.”

So from all of us at Nicol Real Estate & from the residents of Candy Cane Lane, just remember at Christmas, all roads lead to a home.

Our 1211 E Acacia listing is located right on Candy Cane Lane. This home was built for a family. Follow the below link and experience the most wonderful time of the year.


Photography featured by @kagawakenneth via Instagram