Marketing To The Millennial

These days, we hear a lot of gripes about millennial’s. All of us X/Y folk have a lot to say about the up and coming generation. We hang back and take note of their man buns and high wasted jeans. We chuckle about their work ethic and instagram followers. Except here’s the problem…

Millennial’s are taking over and by 2030 will make up 50% of the global workforce. Their current buying power is estimated to be $170 billion per year and they are already making little millennial Jr’s.

So if the world is changing shouldn’t we be changing with it? If we can’t learn to market real estate to the both the baby boomers AND the snap chatters, we will be as phased out as Block Buster Video.


  1. 90% of millennial’s  sleep with their phones next to their bed.
  2. Millennial’s send at least 30 text messages a day.
  3. 41% of millennial’s make enough money to lead the kind of life they want
  4. 81% of millennial’s have no land line and rely on their cellphones for communication
  5. 66% of millennial’s think that technology helps them use their time more efficiently

So how do WE see real estate differently? How do we find a balance between all demographics? By combining personal communication with online marketing, community, social media engagement and brand recognition. In 2017, we spent a lot of time as a team researching where our marketing dollars would be best spent. This year Google estimated 96% of all search inquiries will be made from a MOBILE device. So in 2018, we started marketing ourselves to both what’s current AND the future of real estate buyers.

At Nicol Real Estate Group we reach over six thousand people per week through social media impressions. We have developed a target demographic with an online marketing specialist for home owners, sellers and first time buyers. Together as a team, we work all our open houses to provide our clients with the personal care and attention their listings deserve. We send out direct mailers to the surrounding pockets of our current listings and we have spent years collecting dozens of reviews from past clients on zillow, facebook, yelp and google

That’s how we find a balance between the past, present and future of Real Estate marketing. We are very excited to share our 2019 plan with our South Bay community. Stay tuned!