The “Contingent” offer is back in the game….

For past few yeas in an ultra competitive real estate market the ‘contingent’ offer didn’t stand a chance.  Having to sell your home in order to buy a new home was a huge set back for many able and willing buyers.

With the ‘multiple offer’ deals dominating the real estate world, many prospective home buyers simply gave up trying to get ‘contingent’ offers accepted.  Non contingent offers win, when buyers are willing to close quickly, waive appraisals and shorten timelines.

As the market trends to a healthy balance we are beginning to see the ‘contingent’ offer making a comeback.  As inventory rises, the buyer competition diminishes just enough for those buyers looking to upgrade into a property that better suits their needs.

The process of selling a home in order to buy a home has many moving parts and isn’t always the easiest deal to coordinate, but it is a deal worth doing.

Many of us have the lion share of our wealth invested in our home. What I have experienced with my clients, is the desire to move their families into a larger home or better location never goes away.  Rolling the equity you have gained from your current home into your new home, is a great way to satisfy your desire while not raising your housing costs to drastically

The stigma of a ‘contingent’ offer not standing a chance is fizzling. There are still situations where the competition level is very high. But… those are currently few and far between.  We have identified an approach to getting our contingent offers accepted.  A formula that has now seen proven success for our clients. Our 1224 E Acacia listing is the perfect home for any family that is looking for more house to grown in.

If you have considered buying up and rolling your equity into your next home give us a call and let us show you the secret to our ‘contingent’ offer successes.