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Blue House H-Ale

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities Blue House H-Ale This month we are sharing the 'likes' of El Segundo contractor Matt McMillon, and his team at MDJ Design & Construction.  His most recent project, (with clients Amy and Rob Croxall), showcase Matt's extreme attention to detail, and his ability to execute a large remodel in a timely fashion. It's All […]

Office Space

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities The Home Office Home offices have become more important than ever. While we spend a lot of time in Scots “real office”, a lot happens here.  Our family is grateful for this space, and Scots insane ability to manage work, life, home, (and city council meetings).  Thanks to Target and Studio McGee, pulling together […]

Our Top Paint Pick’s

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities Color Blocking & Paint Color blocking and paint are one of THE most important components of home design. Recently, we've had friends/clients reach out about what paint colors we use on our home projects and developments. The funny thing is, that people never ask about fun, accent wall colors. Everyone wants to know the […]

Compass Bridge Loans

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities Compass Bridge Loans Compete for the home you want, without having to sell the home you have… Compass Bridge Loans are the simple solution to bridge the gap between the home you have, and the home you want. Most buyers don't have an extra million dollars laying around to put together an all cash […]

Real Estate You Can Rely On

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities Home Is More Important Than Ever 2020 has proven to be a very unpredictable year.  In late March early April, the real estate industry shut down (almost completely). There were a lot of unknowns regarding the stock market and the world of home loans and lending. Well… HOME has proven to be more important […]

Home Is More Important Than Ever

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities Home Is More Important Than Ever Our message in 2020, is that we are invested in your peace of mind. We will never advise our clients to do something that we ourselves are not willing to do. As a business we have spent years building important relationships, so we can offer our clients the […]

6 Ways Covid-19 Is Changing Real Estate

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities 6 Ways Covid-19 Is Changing Real Estate The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound effects on just about every aspect of Californians’ lives  and those effects are unlikely to disappear even  once vaccinations are widespread. No matter what  happens with the pandemic this year, the way we  p ractice real estate has shifted in response […]

Anne Collard Design

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities Anne Collard Design I wasn't lying when I said that Anne Collard always looks like she just stepped off of a Nantucket Ferry.  She could be at school drop-off in a straw hat, and acid washed boyfriend jeans in the middle of winter, and you would still take her very seriously. That's just it, […]

Jenny Kropp Interior Design Studio

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities Jenny Kropp  Interior Design Studio Interior design is a very personal thing. Luckily we live in a world with many industry options. You may be a Mid Century Modern buff, or traditional Spanish type. Modern Farm homes have become a world wide phenomenon thanks to Chip and Joanna, and I will always have a […]

802 Center Street

marketingcenter-southerncalifornia-beachcities A Timeless Beauty As our 802 Center Street escrow comes to a close, we would love to take this time to reflect. This timeless beauty with traditional design concepts sold for almost 100K over list price with multiple offers. A true collaboration of efforts brought to you by The Lopez Family, InHance Interiors, Anne […]